A medieval city's streets. Wind blows through in silence... until a humanoid figure rockets past the screen. We cut to the Hero of Dragon Quest XI, bouncing and skidding off of the cobblestone before coming to a stop and shakily getting to his knees, looking forward towards where he came. From that direction, an imposing figure looms, walking slowly forward to reveal himself as none other than Ganondorf. A smirk on his face, he rushes forward, knocking the Hero back again with a shoulder bash! The Hero lands on his feet and fires off an orb of dark energy from his hand as he casts Whack, which hits Ganondorf to no effect. Ganondorf laughs and strikes Hero with his palm, which he manages to block with his shield before countering with a sword slash that Ganondorf sidesteps. Ganondorf kicks Hero in the chest, sending him flying into a wall, and he looks up to see Ganondorf draws his greatsword, heaving it overhead.

The camera cuts to the fear on Hero's face. Suddenly, a distinctive "pyo-ing!" rings out, and Ganondorf is stopped by a barrage of arrows. The camera slowly swings around, revealing a figure clad in yellow holding a golden glowing bow, a wide yellow hat covering his face. He looks up and smirks.

The Minstrel

Begins his Performance!

Ganondorf looks at the newcomer with a scowl, and rushes towards him. The Minstrel draws a black scimitar and charges forward in kind, as Believing My Justice begins to play.

Here, some gameplay is demonstrated. The Minstrel finishes his charge on the city streets, which are now revealed to be the city of Avalon from Romancing SaGa 2, by drawing the scimitar up and slicing Ganondorf while leaving the afterimage of a crescent moon. Cutting to a different scene on the same stage, he leaps at King K. Rool with an electrified forwards rapier stab, which leaves him convulsing with a Paralyzer effect as he follows up with a two-hit combo with an icy blue greatsword, a slash upwards followed by a bat away with the broad side of the zweihander. In another shot, he glows with golden magic before creating five glowing stars that orbit him. In another, he catches Sonic with an upwards lance stab (the blue lance ending with a squid for the head) as he attempts to jump over him, causing time to stop as a lightning bulb appears over his head with the same "pyo-ing!" as before and an explosion happens at the end of the lance, launching Sonic to the upper blast zone. We then see a shot of him standing with his status bar - 200% damage, and 3 stocks. He pulls out his lute and glows with red energy for a moment, seeming to charge something, before strumming his lute as the aura disappates, a stock disappearing from his count as his damage begins to rapidly heal.

In another shot, The Minstrel takes out his lute and strums it in a taunt, as his classic design lands next to him and does the same with his harp. The camera then shows various character cameos standing in the background of the Avalon stage - Albert and Sif, Gerard, Khalid, the Formian Queen, and even Asellus. Finally, we see his Final Smash being used on Bowser - he slices with a golden sword (held in his left hand), and Bowser is transported to a floating platform of earth seemingly floating in the sky. The God of Light Elore appears, a giant figure looming overhead, as Bowser is struck by a bolt of divine lightning from the heavens. With that, the trailer ends, showing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate X SaGa.

More information to come...