I'm Kzinssie, named for the boss from Romancing SaGa 2. Like many people, I had a childhood defined by Web 1.0 fansites and personal pages, and my intent with this webpage is to return to that era. It will also be, in many ways, a tribute to another childhood. I'm 24 at time of writing, and in addition to discovering many games that existed during that time but that I either was not aware of or could not play due to not owning the right hardware or not knowing the right language, I am also queer, so in many ways the last few years of my life have involved a sort of second youth. This will be chronicled here with, probably, all sorts of article content.

I've also kind of wanted to take another crack at the art of sprite comics for some time...


I was never especially great at HTML even as a kid, and time has hardly sharpened that knowledge. Eventually I'd like to have some real fancy Web 1.0 effects and such, but for now I'll settle with this very barebones appearance.


Frankly, I'm sure this seems out of touch for a Neocities page, but if you want to reach me you're best off just dropping me a DM on my Twitter.